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Capital Project Update

In September we concluded Phase I of our current Capital Project.  Phase I included significant roofing work at Edward Town Middle School and the High School.  The work completed can be seen on the highlighted maps, by clicking here for Edward Town Middle School, and here for the High School.

Phase II of our Capital Project started in the Summer of 2018 and will conclude in the Fall of 2019.  The highlights of Phase II include:

  • Repaving work and concrete pad replacement at Errick Road Elementary and the Bus Garage.
  • Exterior wall repair at Colonial Village, Errick Road and the Bus Garage.
  • Exterior door replacement at Colonial Village, Errick Road, and the High School.
  • Entry and Main Office renovation at Errick Road.
  • Renovation of science classrooms and Nurse’s Office at Edward Town Middle School.
  • Staircase repair at Edward Town Middle School.
  • Air handling and ventilation replacement at all schools and Bus Garage.
  • Cabinet heater replacement at Colonial Village.
  • Hot water tank replacement at Colonial Village, Errick Road, and West Street.
  • Hot water base pumps at Edward Town Middle School and High School.

Following Phase II we will utilize the remaining allocated funds for Phase III of the project, which are items currently set aside as alternates.  The alternates we have selected for Phase III are predominantly additional roofing areas. There are still significant facilities repairs or replacements needed, as identified in our 2015 Building Condition Survey.  We were not able to include all of the identified areas in the current project. 

It is important to note that even after the completion of Phase III we still have many areas in need of repair/replacement and upgrade.  The good news is that some of the areas in need of improvement will be covered in the upcoming Smart Schools Project or Energy Performance Contract.  Also, we are already planning for the next Capital Project, program confirmation taking place in the Fall of 2018.