• Expectation


    Bus/Bus Stop

    Before/After School





    Field Trips

    Your Person

    Be Respectful

    Respect the teacher, other students, the materials/supplies, and most importantly yourself


    Listen attentively


    Use appropriate language and voice levels


    Raise your hand


    Use appropriate behavior

    Treat others the way you want to be treated


    Follow the bus driver’s instruction the first time


    Use bus voices:  only the people in your seat can hear you


    Keep school materials inside your backpack

    Use quiet voices


    Be polite and courteous to adults and students


    Follow directions given by adults

    Give people privacy


    Use indoor voices


    Flush the toilet

    Be polite to cafeteria staff


    “Please” and “Thank you” go a long way


    Use quiet table voices.  Only the people at your table can hear you


    Arrive on time and wait your turn to get your food


    Return empty trays appropriately to the window


    Use quiet hallway voices


    Use appropriate and respectful language


    (No swearing or offensive words)



    Follow directions given by adults


    Be polite to adults and students


    Use quiet voices

    Dress appropriately


    ·No hats

    ·No bandanas

    ·No sunglasses

    ·No undergarments showing

    ·Sneakers/shoes preferred


    Treat others the way you want to be treated



    Be Responsible

    Be on time


    Be Prepared with all materials


    Complete homework and class work on time


    Return all borrowed materials

    Stay seated with your head, feet and eyes facing forward


    Keep bus clean; pick up your trash


    Report any problems or graffiti to an adult you trust


    Bring notes in for bus changes


    Have a pass for before school activities


    Have transportation arranged prior to an after school activity


    Be on time


    Be prepared to participate

    Keep bathroom clean and graffiti free; leave writing instruments in your classroom.


    Report any problems or graffiti to an adult


    Return to class promptly



    Keep eating area clean


    Use good table manners


    Eat your own food

    Be on time to your destination


    Close your locker without kicking or slamming it


    Get necessary class materials from locker and move on

    Be on time


    Follow the rules of both the place you are visiting and school rules


    Take pride in your behavior

    Electronic devices are turned off and put in locker


    Focus on academics.  Socialize during non-class times (cafeteria, on the bus, after school)

    Be Safe

    Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself


    Only enter classroom if teacher/adult is present


    Be alert

    Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself


    Keep aisle clear of clutter


    Enter/Exit in orderly fashion


    Do not throw anything

    Report directly to the adult in charge of activity


    Stay in designated area


    Walk in hallways

    Wash hands


    Keep hands and feet to yourself

    Walk/move carefully


    Once you have your lunch, stay in your seat


    Keep hands and feet to yourself


    Report any accidents to an adult

    Walk on the right hand side


    Be alert near corners


    Don’t congregate or block hallways


    Report any unsafe situations to an adult


    Respect space.  Keep your hands and feet to yourself


    Keep hands and feet to yourself


    Stay with your assigned group


    Be alert

    Practice personal hygiene


    Make good personal choices


    Practice good nutrition


    Get enough sleep


    No drugs

    No alcohol

    No tobacco