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    Amplify, Castle Learning, Edulastic Math Affirm, Fast ForWord, FASTTMath, iRead, Journey's Think Central, Reading Assistant, Raz-Kids, Reading A-Z, Spelling City, STAR, Think Through Math, Zearn
    What UN & PW should my students use for each Web App?
    Student Account Naming Conventions
    (Teachers need to be signed into Gooogle to view this doc.)
    Clever Info: 

    Clever - The New Sign in Proceedure for Amplify, Edulastic Math Affirm, Spelling City, Think Through Math, and Zearn
    Teachers and Students will now use their Google Accounts to sign in to the Clever Portal which is a single sign-on pass through for these applications.
    Coming Soon for Clever:
    -Alternative simplified login accounts for clever to make it easier for the younger students to sign in and an easier signout process on Windows computers. 
    -Clever Desktop Shortcut on Windows computers
    Having trouble logging out one student and signing in another?
    On windows computers: When you sign the student out of an application such as Zearn, you also have to sign them out of Google. Go to Gooogle.com and sign the student out of their google account. To sign the next student in go back to the clever portal, choose Login with Google and sign in the next student with their google account. This process will be simplified once the alternative clever login is set up. 
    New on Chromebooks
    When students first sign in to the chromebooks and open chrome, the school website "For Students" sections will open as the homepage and the clever portal will open as a second tab.